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Ansaam Incense - Sondos - 10 sticks - 2.5 Hours Each

Ansaam Incense - Sondos - 10 sticks - 2.5 Hours Each

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Best Egyptian incense now available. 100% Natural made from oils, flowers, spices and fruits. Just open the box and smell an incredible one-of-a-kind incense experience. SONDOS incense sticks will exceed your expectations of what incense should smell like. Once lit, the plume released from SONDOS will have you wrapped in a luxurious scent you are sure to enjoy.

Base Notes: Animatic, Sandalwood
Middle Notes: Musk, Patchouli, Vanilla, Rose, Orange Blossom
Top Notes: Powder, Aldehydes

Can be used indoors and outdoors. Great as wedding favors, during parties, and for gifts. 

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